Nothing is perfect!

Back at the time before I went to USA, I thought everything in USA was all perfect. Good transportation facilities, high public awareness, the good and open governance has been practically working, and other aspects that bolster up this country to be the superpower country in the world. News feed spreads like a disease and … Continue reading Nothing is perfect!

“We should pay more taxes “

In my entire life, I never heard someone said consciously that He/She loves paying taxes. Study reports that every country has a complex tax system and there is always some people that have contradictory opinions with the taxes regulations in their country. The public doesn't feel like their money is being used properly by the … Continue reading “We should pay more taxes “

Because everyone is precious

It was a rainy day when the head of the youth center department said to me, "are you ready to go to our jail?". ¬†All of sudden, I felt so creepy remembering all the bad people I saw in movies and the fact that U.S is the world's highest incarceration rate. In our way to … Continue reading Because everyone is precious

Jackson County, Mi at First Glance.

As a statistician from a country with a very centralized statistics system it is difficult at first to understand such a decentralized¬†system. I have only just arrived so clearly my attitude will mature over the next month but it appears that most county level statistics are for county consumption to assist administration in the county … Continue reading Jackson County, Mi at First Glance.