Indonesia-US: more than 24 hours journey, impress me more!

This journey is one of my longest trip. Not only because the distance between two countries, but also because the transit point of the flight. In total, I have to take 4 flight and 3 transit. Start from my hometown in Bali, stay a night at Jakarta, then continue to Narita for 7 hours, confusing … Continue reading Indonesia-US: more than 24 hours journey, impress me more!

The Spirit of Bayanihan

Setting the Scene According to the World Risk Report of 2018, the Philippines is the third most vulnerable country to disasters. The country lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire where 80% of earthquakes occur. Around 20-25 typhoons ravage the country every year, leading to the loss of lives and millions of damages to infrastructure and … Continue reading The Spirit of Bayanihan

Hot and Fun, it’s Florida 🌤

Despite the bad news happened in the 2nd week of October, here in Florida, I found that my first week in Tallahassee was fun. Before I arrived for my fellowship, I realized the possibility of having all the schedule that prepared for me to go with the wind is huge, due to the Hurricane Michael. … Continue reading Hot and Fun, it’s Florida 🌤

Meet the 9th October over again

After a 24 hour flight from Indonesia, I arrived in Denver International Airport and saw some of snow (for the first time)! But this was just a stopover, my next flight was bound to Washington DC. To think about it, I left Indonesia at the 9th of October 2018 and arrived at 10 pm at … Continue reading Meet the 9th October over again

Spring, Sunshine, Plant Growth, Farm Preparation, Education and Community in Sustainable Dubuque

"Give a man a fish, you feed him a day. If you teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime" The above sentence has been widely used in the field of Sustainable Development because it does reflect the sustainability clearly. When start helping people by only providing them with the result instead … Continue reading Spring, Sunshine, Plant Growth, Farm Preparation, Education and Community in Sustainable Dubuque

Growing green – growing naturally

One week was started and continuing with a thick activities related to expertise. I feel very happy to visit and know more about the conservation of the state park, waste management at Airbus helicopters, landfill and MRF and wastewater treatment plant. Everything seems to have been going in the direction of growing green as the … Continue reading Growing green – growing naturally

Cedar Hill… Great to be with you!!

Day by day it is my excellent experiences by starting to be an officer in Government office and more than it is a firefighter. I have never gotten all that in my life. So excited and be more adorable when I get more knowleadge about the growing green activites in Cedar Hill. Yeb, GROW NATURALLY … Continue reading Cedar Hill… Great to be with you!!


Life is a lot of surprises and good luck. I have received an excellent chance to make the American dream come true. I had accepted an offer from a YSEALI - ICMA and went to the United States with being a part of the 2018 Spring Professional Fellow Program. It is Happier and happier because … Continue reading SPRING CHALLENGE has come!!

First thing to do after landing!

Personally, I called my wife back home to say Hello and told her that I have arrived the U.S. with safe and sound after such a long trip from Cambodia with passengers more than 700 people on the board. She stays home alone with a 12 weeks pregnancy. She worries about me. And I worry … Continue reading First thing to do after landing!

Ticking off that checklist

The YSEALI Professional Fellowship is in less than two days, and it's a packing spree--my bedroom's littered with things from local travels, so it would be good to have a checklist of items and errands and prepare right for the journey. If you still haven't packed (or if you're procrastinating on the packing, like I'm … Continue reading Ticking off that checklist