A View in Time Between Two Cities

Take a glimpse of how two riverfront cities, one from the USA and the Philippines grew from 1984 to 2016. Click here to view the Google Time lapse slideshow for Metro Manila. And here to view the Google Time lapse slideshow for Frankfort City, Kentucky. Notice how urban sprawl follows major highways and the difference … Continue reading A View in Time Between Two Cities

Manila to D.C. – 27 Hours++ and 8,667.65 mi (13,949.23 km)++ Later

A few days left before the YSEALI-ICMA Spring Professional Fellowship Program. And here I am, not yet packed, I'm still rushing to finish off reports and other outputs before I leave the paperwork behind or else bring them with me for an extra baggage or two. But I just had to make this quick map … Continue reading Manila to D.C. – 27 Hours++ and 8,667.65 mi (13,949.23 km)++ Later

“We should pay more taxes “

In my entire life, I never heard someone said consciously that He/She loves paying taxes. Study reports that every country has a complex tax system and there is always some people that have contradictory opinions with the taxes regulations in their country. The public doesn't feel like their money is being used properly by the … Continue reading “We should pay more taxes “

Challenged to Dream

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will be not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” –Martin Luther King, Jr Martin Luther King Jr delivered his historic speech entitled “I have a dream” during the … Continue reading Challenged to Dream

Good governance: Information Contacts!

One of my duties in Statistics of NTT Province (Indonesia) is to manage our official website. I update the content of our website regularly depends on what kind of information that public need. So while I’m in Jackson County, I did a comparative study between the official website of Jackson County and my worksite in … Continue reading Good governance: Information Contacts!

Jackson County, Mi at First Glance.

As a statistician from a country with a very centralized statistics system it is difficult at first to understand such a decentralized system. I have only just arrived so clearly my attitude will mature over the next month but it appears that most county level statistics are for county consumption to assist administration in the county … Continue reading Jackson County, Mi at First Glance.